World Sinus Health Awareness Day 2022

Nasal and sinus issues, such as sinusitis and swollen polyps, affect 31 million people in the U.S. every year. While some of these are more severe, many occurrences can be avoided if the patient takes the proper precautions and preventative steps.

This is what World Sinus Health Awareness Day is all about – informing patients around the world about their sinus health, giving treatment advice, and knowing when to seek medical help.

In this article, Dr. Schalch Lepe celebrates World Sinus Health Awareness Day, giving his patients tips on optimizing their sinus health.

World Sinus Health Day

World Sinus Health Day is a public health day that started on the 28th of September, 2022. It is officiated and recognized by the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS), with the theme “Navigating Your Pathway to Better Sinus Health.”

It can be incredibly overwhelming for patients to cope with the amount of information surrounding sinus health treatments, which is why Dr. Schalch Lepe wants to spread awareness about World Sinus Health Awareness Day 2022.

 Common Sinus Issues

The most common sinus issue in the U.S. is sinusitis  – a series of symptoms caused by inflamed mucous lining of the nasal passage, excessive mucous production, persistent sneezing, nasal drip, and difficulty breathing as a result.

There are many causes of sinusitis, but a deviated septum, nasal congestion caused by allergies, or nasal polyps are the most common causes.

Sinus Health Treatments

 Because sinusitis has so many potential causes, treatment can be tricky. However, a patient can get a good idea of what causes their sinusitis by monitoring:

  • How frequently they experience symptoms
  • If the symptoms are seasonal
  • If the symptoms persist for extended periods of time
  • How severe the symptoms are

Knowing this critical information will help patients understand how severe their sinusitis is, whether or not it’s allergy-related, or if they require surgical treatment.

Sinusitis Treatments in Carmel Valley, CA

Public awareness days such as World Sinus Health Awareness Day 2022 empower patients with the knowledge they need to live whole, healthy lives.  

Whatever the reason for your sinus health concerns, Dr. Schalch Lepe has a solution. The best way to improve your breathing, quality of life, and sleep as afflicted by sinusitis is to call (858) 925-5800 or book your consultation online.