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Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist & Sleep Medicine Specialist located in San Diego, CA

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Dr. Schalch Lepe, MD, FACS at Silenso Clinic in San Diego

Paul Schalch Lepe, MD, FACS

Board Certified Otolaryngologist

Dr. Paul Schalch Lepe is a renowned breathing and sleep surgeon. His greatest pride is giving his patients the ability to breathe, sleep, and feel their best using the latest, innovative surgical and non-surgical procedures. 

As one of the top board-certified otolaryngologists in San Diego, and one of the very few sleep medicine-board certified otolaryngologists in California, Dr. Schalch Lepe excels in treating chronic sinusitis, obstructive sleep apnea, deviated septum, nasal obstruction, and other respiratory and breathing conditions. His international training and experience are second-to-none, which is why both domestic and international patients throughout the greater San Diego area seek out his services.  

Dr. Schalch Lepe’s greatest passion is helping his patients to lead fulfilling, enjoyable lives. He lives to continually develop his craft, as demonstrated by his close affiliation with the Medical Faculty at the University of California San Diego (UC San Diego Health). Start your journey towards a healthier life with Dr. Schalch Lepe by scheduling a consultation today.  Conozca al Dr. Schalch Lepe (en Español).

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Conditions We Treat

Sleep and breathing clearly are essential to a healthy life lived to the fullest. When you’re deprived of a good night’s sleep or your ability to breathe normally, you can experience a decline in your health, mood, wellness, and quality of life. Dr. Schalch Lepe’s Silenso Clinic is an establishment that ensures all patients get the most rejuvenating sleep possible. 

Dr. Schalch Lepe also utilizes a cutting-edge, in-office CT Scanner, which allows him to evaluate and diagnose the proper treatment for you-often during the initial consultation.

Common ailments treated include:

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Clean, comfortable office and excellent staff; really nice clinic. Everyone was friendly and helpful. They were efficient, but I felt like they listened. Plus, they were able to get me in very quickly. Recommended!

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I would recommend Dr. Paul Schalch Lepe to anyone if I could. I’ve already did it and recommended to some of my friends. In each case (including mine), he always gave great advice and did…

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At my appointment, I told Dr. Schalch Lepe that I hadn’t felt this good in 2 years!
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Home Sleep Diagnostics

Sleep in your own bed to get started.

Diagnosing sleep disorders can be a time-consuming process involving in-lab overnight stays and various other tests. If you or your partner are concerned about your sleep patterns, at-home sleep diagnostics can be a valuable tool to indicate whether or not you should consult with Dr. Schalch Lepe further and look at treatment.

The process is a sophisticated wearable monitor that tracks your breathing, oxygen levels, sleep stages, body position, snoring intensity, and heart rate over a single night. The metrics from this test can indicate whether or not you should seek further care for possible sleep-disordered breathing.

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Custom-Tailored Treatment Plans

Dr. Schalch Lepe’s expertise is in advanced procedures that minimize operative time, reduce downtime and optimize results. Obstructive sleep apnea and sinus issues are the most common ailments patients bring to Dr. Schalch Lepe. Both conditions have an array of potential treatments suited to different patients.

One of the most common and effective treatments for obstructive sleep apnea, for example, is CPAP therapy. However, this treatment is sometimes be received poorly by some patients. In such cases, Dr. Schalch Lepe can leverage Inspire Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation or minimally invasive surgery to make adjustments to the tissue structure of the patient’s throat and clear areas of obstruction.  

On the other hand, sinus issues might benefit from non-surgical treatments such as VivAer, minimally invasive treatments such as balloon sinuplasty, or nasal valve surgery.


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